ProspHER Community Terms & Conditions


Members are forbidden from sharing any login details, information, documents, content, videos, and similar, with anyone else. It should be used for personal use, and not copied or imitated in any way for any other purpose.

Members use the content at their own risk, and ProspHER, and any associated companies, take no responsibility for any legal, financial, reputable, or similar consequences that arise from its use.

VIP membership donation payments are to be paid to ProspHER in monthly intervals and failure to pay will result in immediate termination of VIP community access, and claiming of any monies owed to the company in full. In this case accessing or using any of the benefits associated with the VIP plans will be prohibited unless payment has re-commenced and monies owed have been claimed. All prices shown exclude VAT, which is charged at 20% at the checkout if applicable.

VIP membership can be cancelled at any time, but payment will be taken on a monthly basis if direct debits are not cancelled. It is the responsibility of the individual member to ensure that any payment subscriptions are cancelled within their own Paypal/Stripe/Bank accounts, and ProspHER will not issue any refunds in such situations where additional payments have been taken due to any plans/subscriptions/direct debits not being cancelled correctly.

ProspHER has the right to remove members immediately from the community if they are found to be misusing, damaging or having negative impact on the group or brand in any way, and also reserve the right to decline re-entry on this basis.

ProspHER can remove, add, and amend content in the community anytime without prior notice.

ProspHER has the right to increase the donation price of the ProspHER Community, or ask for extra payments for additional material or content, however sufficient prior warning will be given to all members in these cases. This includes the increase in price due to the addition of VAT or other taxes.

ProspHER will always endeavour to do the best by its members and will always welcome feedback to improve products and services. Please contact us through our website at with any queries, comments or suggestions for improvement.

The above Terms & Conditions do not affect statutory rights, and by subscribing to the ProspHER Community and paying the associated subscription donation this automatically means that you agree to them.

Last updated: August 2023