ProspHER Fest - Magic happens when women come together

Evolve your story with passion, purpose and power at our ProspHER Fest!

Through ProspHER Fest, we are on a mission to promote gender equality in a positive, uplifting, warm and celebratory atmosphere that champions local business.

This festival supports women to progress professionally, and celebrates females in business, those who are wanting to level up in their current roles, and who are on the journey to find the career of their dreams.

To educate, inspire and empower individuals to progress in a relaxed and fun environment, all attendees will experience keynote speakers, panel discussions, networking, mentoring, expert advice, and entertaining activities for all to enjoy.

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Our vision is to see ProspHER Fest events taking place across the UK and beyond! However, we are but a small team, so we need your help. We have some great opportunities for Event Managers and Volunteers. Interested? Get in touch!

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