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ProspHER Lounge

ProspHER Lounge is a place for women (including mothers with children) to meet, work and relax in a calm, supportive and wholesome environment.

It is specifically designed to tackle isolation and mental health issues, and support with work and business progression post Covid-19.

It provides a space for:

  • Women/mums to work, meet and relax
  • Mums to bring children while working
  • Nearby communities to come together
  • Training, events and workshops

Visit the ProspHER Lounge at 1A Wroxham Barns, Tunstead Road, Hoveton, Norfolk, NR12 8QU (open 10am-2pm Monday-Friday).

Hoveton, Norwich NR12 8QU, UK

Norfolk-Based ProspHER Moves To Wroxham Barns!

Norfolk-based training and events company ProspHER (formally “HER Business Revolution”) have moved to its new location at Wroxham Barns. The move will give them the space to create a network for working women living around the Norwich area.

The company, which provides training, events, coaching and networking for women growing their businesses and developing their careers, changed their name, look and location to reflect their expansion into the support of all working women who wish to connect with likeminded people - especially if they face struggles with issues like unemployment due to Covid-19, or parental responsibilities, mental health problems, or lack confidence/direction.

"I'm delighted that ProspHER has found our long-term home at Wroxham Barns. The attraction is so iconic in the area, and the people, animals and entertainment there make it such a supportive and vibrant environment to base ourselves." says Serena Fordham, CEO at ProspHER.

The move to Wroxham means the company now has the space indoors and outdoors, to carry out these aims in part of the office called ‘ProspHER Lounge’- where they can nurture a sustainable, supportive network of working women in Norfolk - and transform the local community in this field of gender equality and diversity.

Ben Marshall, General Manager at Wroxham Barns is delighted at the move, saying: “We couldn’t ask for a more enthusiastic team of like-minded people to join our community here, we love everything ProspHER stand for; especially their drive for female empowerment.”

The beginning of this network will be symbolically marked by the SUPERWOMAN Fest - an event at the Junkyard Market, Norwich, from the 27th-28th of May, for women who wish to listen to inspiring speeches in areas of work and wellbeing and meet like minded people. ProspHER encourages women in all fields to come along to the festival, to support them in evolving their own story.

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